Springbreak Tournament

GCJGF – Springbreak Golf Tournament March 8, 2015

Hello Everyone!!  It has been a long off-season, and now we are officially back and going into the 2015 Season!!  Gia and I had a great day together, walking the fairways of the Country Club of Miami – East Course.  It was a little overcast, but, perfect golf weather 🙂

Gia put the clubs down for 5 weeks in the off-season, because I was helping my Mom with health issues and organizing appointments and hospitalizations.  Now, we can focus on golf!! One thing I like to look at with Gia, are her stats after the tournament to see where her game is weak.  That is why golf tournaments are great to see how you perform under pressure.

Driving – Gia was 100% on Fairways hit for this event.  Perfect off the tee!!  She is averaging about 150-160 yards with the Long Stick, and that was definitely the strongest part of her game for this event.

Approach – I did not do a good job here.. I gotta take the blame… I did not put the right clubs in her hand to reach the flags.  Gia’s approach shots were short too much, only hit 2/9 greens :/…. I take the blame because I am supposed to know her yardages, and calculate for her, and I didn’t do a very good job at that.  And I’m going to change that around ASAP!!

Putting – I think this is where I have seen the MOST improvement in Gia’s game.  She has definitely improved in her LAG putting.  I have her focusing on finishing her stroke towards her target, on long putts… the longer finish is doing the trick.

Chipping – The time off showed here, in the shortgame… definitely weakness reared it’s ugly head here.  And, we are going to focus on 45 yards and in over the next few weeks until the next event.

Thanks for keeping up with BoomBoom and her golf journey!!  We have just under 5 months until the World Championships at #Pinehurst!!


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