Golf Tournament

U.S. Kids Golf Tour – Miami Local Tour (Country Club of Miami – October 26, 2014)

So 24 hours was not enough time to help BoomBoom with her putting technique.  But not all was lost, she was -1 on 5 holes and +10 on 4 holes today, and recorded a 45 for today’s event.  Let me start off with the “Good”, she drove the ball excellently and actually hit another Par 4 in 1 shot, off the tee 140 yards.  Gia had 2 birdies today, on a Par 3 from 55 yards, she hit a full Sand Wedge and left it 2 feet from the cup.  After watching her miss from about 8 inches yesterday, I was hoping she would make it and she did!!  She also birdied the Par 4 that I mentioned that she drove the green in 1 shot.  She hit into 3 greenside bunkers today, and got out each time on her first try, another feather for her cap.  Gia came in 2nd Place today, her best finish so far in a U.S. Kids Local tour event to date.  As her caddy the hardest thing for me to decide is when to let her go for the green.  She hits the ball on target so much, that when she misses she leaks a little to the right, a slight fade… which I prefer but, because she is a long hitter for her age, she reaches the greenside bunkers on her drive, or the Par 5’s in two shots.  So that being said, how do you contain “Mommy Caddy” from being greedy and wanting to see these superior shots?  AHHHHH, I guess I will learn more about this as we keep going:)

Now for the “Not so Good” putting was Gia’s nemesis today, but, mostly because these greens had far more slope than the ones from yesterday.  So once her ball was above the hole, it was difficult to get the ball to stop next to the hole for an easy tap in, when she missed.  In the end, Gia recorded 27 putts over the 9 holes.  But not all is lost, she did have a 1 putt, and she did have 3-2putts.  Her next event will be on November 16, 2014, so we will have 3 weeks to work on her putting… can’t wait to see how it goes!!  Remember to leave Gia a comment and Thank you for your support from Gia and all of our family to yours – God Bless!!


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