U.S. Kids Golf – Miami Local Tour (Country Club of Coral Springs – October 25, 2014)

What an amazing day today was for BoomBoom and myself!  The ball striking display that Gia put on today impressed me, and I am not saying that because I am her Mom…. believe me, those that know me know… I do not brag… but, I have to give credit where credit is due and Gia put on a show today on the course.  She hit 8 greens in Regulation, 2 of those Par 5’s she reached in 2, and 1 was a Par 4 where she drove the green.  We had 1 week to work on several things that I listed on the last post… but the Best Part about today was that I got the correct clubs in her hand and she pulled off the shot.  With all that being said Gia shot a 42, and finished 5th in her EXTREMELY talented 7& Under Age Division.

So where did the additional strokes come in?  Gia’s putting got away from her today.  Well we checked off so many things off the list, but, she is only 7 so we gotta put in some work before tomorrow to get her putting on track.  7-3putts and an up&down miss from about 8 inches… yes I know heartbreaking.  Lol – Not Really, to be honest I was soooooo EXCITED watching her play, and NOW I KNOW FINALLY how my Dad felt all those years ago when he would get so excited about my play.  I always thought he was funny about that, but, after today I realized how EXCITING it is to see your child pull off shots that YOU as their Parent really did not expect.  Yes we practice to do it, but I mean she’s 7… it’s not something I expect right now.

Gia showed me how bad she wants this game, but, experience is what makes the player GREAT at a young age.  Gia needs more putting experience and I am going to give her some more games to play to help her tackle the “Art” of Putting.  Let’s see how it goes tomorrow!!  BTW leave Gia a comment, she would love to hear from all of you!! God Bless!!


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